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Free Shipping Sale at Perform Better

There is a really nice sale going on at Perform Better.  For only another couple of days they are offering FREE SHIPPING!  Why should you care?  Well, besides big stuff (which, if you are interested in purchasing some dumbbells, kettlebells or other things similar in nature – this would save you a TON of money) if you are short on funds and have been waiting for an excuse to buy that foam roller, those travel bands, mini bands or other similar items, this is the perfect time! A lot of us travel frequently and a lot of us also do not have the room for a home gym.  A couple of fantastic alternatives to buying bulky dumbbells and cable stations are resistance bands.   If you are looking for a cheap way to have a home gym, the items I recommend are:
JC Travel Bands
Mini Bands
JC Predator Bands
JC All-Purpose Exercise Bands
and a must-have, a PB Elite Foam Roller.  
You could also invest in a Gymnic Stability Ball Plus something we’ve all seen that is invaluable in building a home gym.  Almost all of these items are small, portable, lightweight and take up very little room.  The mini bands are about $2 each, so why not get three of different strengths to keep with you in your flute bag?  Fantastic to use to warm up and stretch.  And $6 plus free shipping for all three?  Not a bad deal at all. The great thing about Perform Better is that they have a lot of free resources for you to use – so if you are clueless about how to use a mini band or why it would benefit you, they have videos and instruction manuals on great exercises you can do, all for free!  Not sure how to use a foam roller?  You can see my very first post about foam rolling, or you can also click on the link above to the foam roller and it has an instructional video there as well. I think I’ve just come up with another idea for a blog post: exercises to do with bands and portable workout equipment, and why musicians should care!  Stay tuned for that later. 🙂 But don’t let this sale get away – free shipping doesn’t happen very often and these items are invaluable to your heath.

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