Flute Events in Panama City

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Great things have been happening in my life lately.  For the last two years I’ve been working part time at Vitamin Shoppe and I’m happy to say that since God has blessed me with a lot more musical opportunities this year, this coming week will be my last week there.  Besides personal training, music will finally be my only source of income!
Panama City flute Camp
Another goal that I have been striving for for the last three years is also coming to fruition next week: The Panama City Mini Flute Camp!  This will (hopefully) not be the last of these, as I hope to do at least one every fall and spring.  This first camp will be held Saturday morning at Arnold High School in PCB from 9AM – 12 PM and is open to all flutists in the area of any age.  For three hours we will talk about things that matter to YOU!  It’ll be like a giant extended private group lesson.  We’ll talk about tone quality, embochure, tonguing and articuation, breathing and breath control, nerves and how to cope with performance anxiety and we’ll even do a little dynamic integration – helping us all become more aware of ourselves.  As a teacher, I am continuously surprised at how few of my students have any clue about what they’re doing: they cannot separate their lips from their jaw or their fingers from their air, etc.  We’ll go over ways to be conscious of your whole self!  We’ll end with roughly an hour or so masterclass where anyone who wants to play something in front of the group and get pointers is welcome to do so; and we can all learn!
Cost is $5 a piece.  Come on, a 3 hour group lesson for $5?  I dare you to beat that anywhere!  This is a fantastic opportunity for you if you want lessons and can’t afford them.

Panama City Flute Studio
This is something I am really excited about starting.  After having a conversation with my college student, about how she feels isolated and so alone in PC with no other flutists to compete against or even listen to, it has occured to me that PC flutists live in bubbles!  Each school is kind of like their own bubble with the various orchestras/community bands in the areas being a separate bubble.  There really isn’t a lot of communication or fraternization between any of the flutists around town and I think that has got to change.
So, very soon, I will be starting the Panama City Flute Studio.  It will probably be an hour or so group lesson held at a central place and any flutist who is serious about their instrument is welcome.  Age does not matter here!   We’ll have a group lesson, we’ll play for and with each other and even have discussions about flute things that are important to us.   Flutists, realize that you are not alone in your school or band.  There are others in this area better than you and you are better than some others.  When we get to know each other and play in front of each other, a standard is set, friendly competition ensues and we all strive to be just a little bit better.  And it’s fun!  We’ll even do a bit of flute choir reading and maybe play around town.  You know what, there’s no telling where this thing might go: we might give recitals, give competitions, we could even hold our own flute day and invite flutists from all over the country to come visit!
Flutists of Panama City, this is YOUR town and YOUR instrument: let’s raise the expectations to a higher standard!  Again, if you want private lessons, but maybe can’t afford them, this group lesson would be a great opportunity for you, and I will offer anyone who joins a reduced rate.
So, if you’re serious about learning, if you love your instrument but don’t have an outlet, here are two great opportunities for you.  Contact me ASAP: I’d love to hear your ideas, what’s important to you, what you want/need and when and where you think the flute studio should be held.

Great convention!!!

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At the end of January I was priveledged to be able to give a presentation/workshop at the Florida Flute Fair in Orlando, FL.  I had a great turnout and LOTS of interest in what I was doing.  As was stated to me, no one else is talking about what I’m doing and because of that, I will soon be traveling to St. Petersburg, FL to give a workshop/lecture to lots of musicians there about just that very thing.
If you are interested in having me come to your area and teach your musicians about workouts for musicians, please contact me and I will be in touch with you shortly.
I’m on a mission to help musicians everywhere live healthier, more productive lives so they can make better music!

Practice Room Warmups?

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As musicians (whether you be a flutist or not), we tend to be rather meticulous about our instruments and how we approach our practice time: warming up the smaller muscles of our embochures, warming up our fingers with scales, even warming up our ears with long tones or our minds with imagery and planning the session out.  But how much attention do we give to the rest of our bodies?
Very little, so I’m discovering.
Warming up your body is as important, if not MORE important than warming up our instruments, but it’s something we all to easily neglect.   When you practice, especially for long amounts of time, you are holding your body in a somewhat rigid, unnatural posture, that, unless corrected, can actually lead to various muscular imbalances.  For flutists, holding a flute up in front of you and turning your head to the side can create all kinds of problems, problems I have rarely seen addressed.  Your traps and rhomboids can get stretched and weak and your pecs are in a constant state of tension…what to do?
Let me propose some warmups to help you have a better practice session and a better more well-responding, healthier body.
Arm Circles

You probably did these as a kid in gym class and guess what?  They still work!  Stand up with your hands out to the side like a “T”.  Rotate your arms forward in little circles moving to big circles.  When you get into really big circles, you will feel a nice stretch in your chest.  Pay attention to that.  Stop and do reverse circles, being careful not to swing to hard.  A gentle stretch is good – a hard stretch is not.
Wall Slides
Stand up against a wall with your arms raised and hands at a 90 degree angle, almost like you’re surrendering to the police.  Retract and depress your shoulder blades (roll your shoulders back and down and bring your blades down) and then, leading the movement with your elbows, push against the wall and bring your arms down, still keeping your hands raised.
Do this 10-12 times.
Those are just a couple of exercises, but hopefully, they will help you be a more productive player with less pain.  Pay attention to how your shoulders feel, how your body feels and notice the areas that are moving.  Creating that muscle awareness will help you not to injure yourself as you practice.
And take breaks!  You are not a hero for playing for 4 hours without a break.

Going to the Florida Flute Fair

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This coming weekend I’m super excited to be giving my first convention presentation at the Florida Flute Fair.  Saturday morning, 9 AM at the Altamonte Springs Hilton, I will be giving the presentation “From the Weight Room to the Practice Room: Workouts to Prevent Pain”.  I’m going to be addressing the various muscular imbalances that flutists tend to acquire, and the exercises that will correct those imbalances.  I’m also going to be addressing various recovery techniques like foam rolling, dynamic warmups and stretching and everyone who comes will be getting a free sample beginner and intermediate workout to take home!

I’m still ironing out details, but my hope is to be able to utilize a local gym to give introductory private training sessions or form lessons.   Feel free to contact me in advance if you’d like to have a private session in Orlando!

Need something to kick your own butt in 10 minutes?

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Cardio can be really boring.  I mean, really, who wants to spend the better part of an hour on a machine staring at a screen?  Even if you’re on a bike outside, or walking or running, if the scenery isn’t great, it’s easy to get bored.  And if you’re like me and you like to try new things, well, meet my new thing…
bodyweight circuits.

These are in no way new to the world.  Heck, I did them at Basic Training for the Army and didn’t realize it.  We would go outside and set ourselves up in stations: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, skiiers, full situps, crunches, pushups, diamond pushups, squats, military presses, and anything else the drill sergeants could think of.
Well, bodyweight circuits make a great substitute for cardio, and a good sub for HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training.  If you don’t know what that is, basically, you run all out for a brief period of time, recover, repeat, puke. :)   HIIT has been proven time and time again to be a better cardio choice than steady state cardio for upping caloric expenditure, especially, post exercise calorie burn, meaning your body will be burning calories at a higher rate for hours later.  What’s not to like about it?
You can do it in about 5 feet of space, with no equipment, anywhere and anytime you want and in 10 minutes you’ll be sufficiently huffing and puffing and dripping, if you really give it your all.  What’s not to like?
It’s really hard!
Here’s the Crazy 8 Bodyweight Circuit I did twice this week by Craig Ballyntine.  You can see the original here: http://fitnessblackbook.com/workout-routines/body-weight-circuits-are-kickin-my-butt/
In fact, he has a ton of bodyweight videos on his Turbulence Training website here: http://fitnessblackbook.com/recommends/turbulence-training-videos
So here was my circuit today:

  1. 60 Jumping Jacks: Done as fast as possible, but make sure you do full jumping jacks.
  2. 15-20 Spiderman Pushups: I’m just doing normal pushups until they become too easy. Typically it is a breeze for me to do 40+ pushups, but it is much tougher when you do these with zero rest in between jumping jacks.
  3. Walking Lunges: I take 20 steps total. This is the easiest part of the workout in my opinion.
  4. Spiderman Climb: I do a total of 20 of these (10 per side) I really feel these in my abs and obliques.
  5. Wall Squat: Do for 45-60 seconds. This hurts! Don’t rest your hands upon your legs, since it makes it easier.
  6. Planks: Do for 60 seconds. Tough after doing all these other exercises without rest.
  7. 5 Burpees: Make sure and do a full pushup at the bottom and explode as high as pssible at the top into a jump. I’m still kind of uncoordinated with these…probably because I’m “smoked” at this point!
  8. High Knees: Done as fast as possible. Do 50 total. I just count when my right leg hits the ground for 25. It is hard to count both legs for 50 since you are going fast. You will be dying about 1/2 way through.

Notes: Each exercise is done back-to-back with zero rest in between. You will want to rest, but immediately hit the next exercise. After this 8 exercise circuit is done, rest exactly 60 seconds. I usually run over to the microwave and set the timer. Those 60 seconds will feel like 15-20 seconds. Do this circuit 1 more time. Don’t add in the 3rd one until you are ready.
I Felt Like a Chain-Smoker After My 2nd Circuit!
I simply was not in good enough shape to complete the 3rd circuit my first 2 times doing this routine. I was breathing hard and my body was zapped. My skin was hot to the touch. These are all great signs of a great interval workout, but I just couldn’t push myself to do this circuit a 3rd time. Again…I have pride when it comes to being fit. I can max out a treadmill for 60 seconds followed by 30 seconds of walking and continue this pace for 15-20 minutes. This is after lifting heavy weights. That being said, these body weight circuits are a humbling deal.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Fitness Trainer

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Unbelievably, I just found a great post about virtual fitness trainers.  This is what I consider myself to be able to do: someone can hire me over the internet to write out a fitness plan for them and we keep in contact by photos and email.  Need more information?  How about the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Fitness Trainer?  Courtesy of Men’s Health, here you go:
Have you ever heard of the term “virtual fitness coach”? Just like a personal trainer in the gym who will closely monitor your workout sessions, this type of coach will serve as your personal coach. The only difference is that you will not have a face-to-face interaction? it will all be done through consultations and communications online.

Amp Up Your Personal Fitness Training with a Virtual Fitness Coach
First up, let us take a look at the role that a virtual fitness coach plays on your personal physical training so that you can have a head start with meeting your workout goals.
These days, a lot of people find it difficult to squeeze in some serious workout time to have serious workout sessions, what with all the things that they have to do at work at home. Let’s take a working mother as an example.
Rather than spending her time on personal fitness training sessions in the gym, she would rather work out at home so that she can watch over the kids while doing it. If she does it this way, there is a big possibility that she will not meet her weight loss goals because she does not have the benefit of having a personal trainer or instructor working beside her.
This is where a virtual coach for your workout sessions comes in. By hiring one, she can enjoy all the benefits of having a personal trainer in the gym ? while having the freedom to workout at home.

Enumerating the Top 5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire a Virtual Fitness Coach

So what are the top 5 reasons why it pays to hire a coach for your workout sessions? Take a look at the following list:
1. A virtual fitness coach will help you evaluate your current level of being fit on the onset of the training program.
2. Once your initial strength level is determined, an instructor will be able to help you create a personalized fitness training program so that you can reach your weight loss goals.
3. This type of coach can double up as a morale booster, to give you the encouragement you need when you are lagging in your personal training program.
4. A virtual fitness coach is the best motivator for you to pursue your weight loss goals.

5. Unlike hiring a personal trainer in the gym, seeking the help of this type of a coach is usually more cost-effective.


From Nancy Georges – The Attitude of Excellence

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The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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I got this in my email box from IFBB Pro Nancy Georges and thought it was wonderful enough to share.  Whether your goal is fitness or musical excellence or anything else, this applies.


What does it mean to be excellent? How do you define it? For me, how I define excellence, is when I am personally lined up with my own values, goals and vision as an athlete and in all areas.  When I am doing whatever I can to achieve my goals and I am not slacking off “according to me” then I know that I am being excellent.

This is challenging to do, especially around the holidays when we are around more people who have their own ideas of what is good for you.  In addition to that there is an extreme slacker mentality during the holidays.

Now I am not against relaxing. And I have to admit, it is not always easy. I get recharged pretty quick, so taking off an entire week to lounge around the house and eat, really doesn’t work for me.  But, like I said, that is just me.
The trick with the holidays is to have a plan. If you plan on gaining 10 pounds, then go for it, but don’t put on 20. If you plan on staying in contest shape, then you are not going to be able to sit around drinking wine and eating cheese doodles all week with the gang.
Decide what you are going to do this holiday season. Write it out. Are you going to actually lean out, maintain, put on a few pounds, put on a lot of pounds? How many, how much. Are you going to improve weak body parts, get those glutes to sit up higher, build a little muscle? Write our your plan for the next 6 weeks.  Once you know what you are planning on doing, then you will know what needs to be done to get there.
Being excellent, has to do with listening to your own internal monitoring system.  Even when people around you are encouraging you to eat.   Maybe they are even badgering you to eat.  Now this goes both ways, just because you have decided to be excellent, don’t expect them to remove that tray of goodies, because you can’t control yourself.  They have the right to eat whatever they choose to, but it is their choice.  Here is your Thanksgiving and December plan.
1. Decide what you are going to do this holiday, in regard to your goals.  Push yourself in a way that works for you. If you don’t have a show in December, I certainly think that a Thanksgiving feast is warranted. But you know your body, and you know your mind.  Push yourself a bit, don’t be fooled by the “it’s just one bit” decide what you are going to look like on January 1st. Write out that plan.
2. Be willing to do what it takes to achieve that. Period! That is all, it is that simple.
Being excellent is a choice, don’t worry if others aren’t coming along, but don’t stop going just because they have taken a break.
Whatever your goals, whatever your vision, whatever your dream, do what it takes to have it.  You will feel so proud of yourself, and that is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction.
Gobble Gobble, it’s turkey time.

New Favorite Healthy Foods

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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day; and while eggs and egg whites are considered one of the most perfect bodybuilding foods, they get old for me.  Let me introduce you to some of my favorite foods, recipes and websites!

Mr. Breakfast is THE place to go for figuring out what to eat when you have no idea what to cook.  There is a HUGE database of ideas, recipes and even reviews of breakfasts restaurants!
Some of my favorite ideas to look up:
Omlettes, scrambles, French Toast and pancakes.
Hungry Girl
If you don’t get this woman’s newsletter, you should!  She is on board the Weight Watcher’s Train, and while I don’t care about WW, I love getting healthified recipes in my inbox all the time.  The woman has even come up with an idea of how to make chocolate fudge from pumpkin!  I don’t agree with all of her swaps (she uses lots of un-natural things, like fat free items, etc. flavored with artificial flavors and colors) however, for the ocassional craving that arises but you can’t bring yourself to succumb, she offers some great swaps!
Here’s one for a Blizzard that looks yummy, great idea for PWO meal!
New Favorite Foods:
Like I said, I’m getting tired of having oatmeal and eggs every morning, even though I LOVE both of them, especially oatmeal.  I’ve been eating  a lot of breakfast sandwiches lately, fritattas and scrambles.  Let me introduce you to some of the ingredients I’m really digging, that help me get my protein in at breakfast without resorting to a dozen egg whites or protein powder.
Applegate Farms Natural Turkey Bacon

THIS is some fabulous stuff!  I used to go for the Jennie-O turkey bacon, until I found this wonderful stuff.  It has a deep, smokey flavor, and ZERO nitrates or fillers.  If you can pronounce all the ingredients, you know you have good stuff.  They’ve also got an organic version and lots of other products including deli meats, sausages and hotdogs.
Visit their website for ideas and recipes: www.applegatefarms.com
Chicken Sausage
This stuff comes in all flavors, brands and varieties.  I like this Al Fresco brand, but since it’s usually pretty expensive, I hit up Trader Joe’s for their store brand any time I can.  Right now I have their Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage and bell pepper sausage.  The mango sausage isn’t bad either.  Al Fresco actually has a blueberry sausage, and man, does that sound good with some french toast!

Something to watch out for though is fat and carb content.  When picking your proteins, try to keep them just protein with low amounts of the former.  While it’s ok to have higher fat content in your meats, it basically means you get less fat at other meals.  Not as much fun, because the fat adds up fast!
http://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/FlavorsIntroNew.aspx?FM=1 – check this out for their flavors and tons of recipes
Trader Joe’s Sprouted 7-Grain Bread and Great Harvest Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Alas, I have no pictures of these wonderful breads, but let me tell you, they both make WONDERFUL French Toast, for which the recipes are at the bottom of the page.
The TJ bread is amazing, with only 60 calories, 5g  protein and 7 grams of carbs per slice!  AMAZING!  And when you sprout the grains in the bread, this actually increases the nutritional value of the bread.
The Cinnamon Raisin Bread, well, maybe not so healthy, and I don’t have pictures of it either.  But, why do I like it? Besides the fact that this delicious bread seriously tastes like a donut in sliced form, they stick to a belief of having only 5 ingredients in their bread – all of which you can pronounce.  From their website: (www.greatharvest.com)

Five pure and simple ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads:

  1. Fresh-ground whole-wheat flour
  2. Filtered water
  3. Fresh yeast
  4. A pinch of salt
  5. Something sweet (usually a local honey).

We believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It’s even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste it and your body benefits from it.
Just like fresh-ground coffee beans make a better cup of coffee, fresh-ground grains of wheat make a better tasting – and better for you – loaf of bread.

As far as preservatives go, forget about it! Great Harvest breads have never been made with preservatives or artificial additives of any kind…and they never will. Thanks to our special scratch-made process, our breads still stay fresh for up to ten days (if you can keep your hands off it that long!)

What’s not to love?
I have lots, but these are my favorites that I have been doing for awhile now:
French Toast – and variations:
2 slices TJ Bread (or 1-1 1/2 cinnamon raisin bread)
3-6 egg whites
vanilla, water, stevia
Mix eggs and liquids together, dip bread in mixture and fry in pan.
Slater on 1 Tablespoon of Philadelphia fat free cream cheese, peanut or almond butter (or flavored peanut butter, check out www.ilovepeanutbutter.com  ) and/or fruit, make into a sandwich, dip sandwich into mixture and fry.
High Protein French Toast:
If you want the extra protein but not so many eggs, add in some protein powder in leiu of 3 egg whites.  My favorites are Oryx Goat Whey and BSN Lean Dessert Cinnamon Roll
There are so many versions of this.  So pick your ingredients and here is the method for making them.
Sautee veggies (with or without oil).
Add eggs/whites.
As the eggs begin to set, lift up edges and let the runny parts run underneath.
Top with meat and/or cheese.
When it is almost set, throw the pan under the broiler for a few minutes.  Take out when it’s golden brown and bubbly on top!
Ingredients I like to use:
Extra virgin coconut oil
turkey bacon, nitrate-free deli meat
Goat cheese, goat gouda
all kinds of veggies: peppers, onions, spinach, broccoli
Extras: beans, yum! or russet potatoes
Breakfast Sandwich:
Bread of choice (current choice is Pepperidge Farms WW English Muffins)
Meat (I love smoked salmon or turkey bacon or deli meat, or even chicken sausage)
Salsa (optional)
Easy to figure this out: cook all, make a sandwich
Oatmeal Protein Cookies
3 egg whites
30-40g old fashioned oatme

Protein Bar recipes

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Lots of people eat protein bars.  Most are junk; candy bars in disguise.  I did a review of one of the two I support and you can read about that here, and I HIGHLY suggest purchasing Quest and Power Crunch Bars.  Quest bars have 20g whey protein, 17g prebiotic fiber and no artificial anything, and they taste great.  Most protein bars don’t even do that.  Power Crunch Bars remind me of wafer cookie bars, like Nutter Butters, except with protein in the middle. 🙂 – I put in plugs for them at the bottom
In the meantime if you’d like to make your own, these are some of the most popular recipes I’ve gathered to help you out.
If you need some really quality ingredients and live in places where you can’t get them (aka things like raw cacao nibs, cocoa butter,acai, goji, hemp, maca, etc are impossible to find) you can find those ingredients at this place (and probably some other really good ones.  Ever tried to shred your own coconut? Don’t bother.  Buy it here and save yourself the grief 🙂 ). Did I mention they have free shipping specials, too?Free Shipping on Live Superfoods orders over $99* – Orders under $99 ship for $7.99 to the *48 contiguous states.

Raw Organic Cacao - Beans, Nibs, Powder & Butter

Raw Vegan Superfoods

Another really great website that I love to visit for various dieting concoction recipes is:
4 Tbl butter
1.5 Tbl unsweetened cocoa powder
2 Tbl DaVinci Chocolate SF syrup
2 cups Optimum Nutrition Chocolate
Whey Protein
1 cup coarsely chopped nuts
Melt butter in large bowl in microwave. Whisk cocoa in well, then SF syrup. Incorporate protein powder. Add chopped nuts Press into wax-paper-lined 9×9 pan & refrigerate. Caramel consistency, and much better than any of my old fudge recipes. Plus, no wasted calories. High Protein snack or dessert. Best cold.
2 and 1/3 cups vanilla protein powder
1 oz square unsweetened chocolate
1/2 cup butter
4 oz cream cheese
1 oz chopped almonds
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp peanut butter
1/4 cup Splenda
Melt butter, cream cheese, peanut butter and chocolate in bowl in microwave. Mix together very well and then add splenda & vanilla, mixing well again.
Add walnuts and protein powder and mix. It will be difficult and messy to mix,
you will have to use your hands near the end to knead it all together, squeezing so that the powder is incorporated into the mixture.
Now place in an 8×8 0r 9×9 baking pan,  flatten and refrigerate. When cooled and hardened, cut into 8 bars. Per bar: 21 grams protein, 3.15 carbs. This will vary according to the protein powder you use.  Optimum Nutrtion was used in this recipe and it has 22g protein and 1.5g carbs in each scoop.
8 oz fat free cream cheese
4 scoops protein powder ( i use chocolate)
3 cups whole oats
1/2 cup splenda
Dash of cinnamon ( to taste)
Combine splenda, cream cheese, protein, and cinnamon in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer on high til its smooth.
add the oats and mix with the mixer until you have a fairly homogeneous mixture.
note if it is too thick add a 1/4 cup of milk or water
spray an 8×8 pan with PAM. spread the mixture in the pan. sprinkle some additional splenda on top and place in the fridge for an hour.
I cut mine into ten bars for a breakdown of
154 cals, 17.8g carb, 15g protein, 1.8 g fat
Meal Replacement Bars
2 Egg Whites
1 Whole Egg
3 Packets Quaker Oats (Raw) (Maple & Brown Sugar)
6 Scoops Whey Gourmet Root Beer (Any Flavor will do)
Splenda (however much you want)
3tbs Wheat Germ
1% Milk (around 200ml)
2 BioBest Yogurt (any yogurt will do)
1. Put everything into the bowl
2. Mix it together until you cant tell anything apart
3. Pour altogether onto a baking pan
4. Heat oven to 350
5. Bake for 10-20 Minutes (I cant remember exactly how long but just start checking after 10)
6. Take the pan out of the oven
7. Cut into 5 equal pieces
8. Top with more Splenda 😛
9. Enjoy
Macros Per 1 Piece
Approx. Protein 36 Carb 36.4 Fat 6 Cals 342
Macros For Entire Pan
Approx. Protein 180 Carbs 182 Fat 30 Cals 1710
This is probably the best homemade bar for someone following a 40/40/20 Diet. I like having one half before a workout and one half after.
EDIT: The macro ratios are 42% 42% 16% If you want more fat just make all three or two of the three eggs whole
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cupcakes
I just tried these and they were awesome. I’ll eat two in a meal for 15 carbs (frosting not included), 10 grams of healthy fat, and 24+ grams of protein.
1 Scoop Chocolate Whey Protein
1 Large Egg White
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 Teaspoon Natural, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2-3 Packets Splenda
1/8 Cup Coffee
1 Tablespoon Water
Dash Cinnamon
Dash Salt
1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter
Chocolate Frosting:
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding Powder (heaping tbsp)
1/2 Teaspoon Milk
1/4 Teaspoon Natural Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened
1 Packet Splenda

Mix all ingredients for the cupcakes togther besides the peanut butter, and refrigerate for 5 minutes. Melt the peanut butter in a microwve until it is runny, and mix it into the chilled cupcake mixture. Preheat oven to 450 degrees farenheit.
In a cupcake baking pan (normal-size), spray some non-stick cooking spray into two of the cups until thuroughly coated. Using a spoon, ladel mix equally into each of the two cups until they are equally filled a little bit above the healf-way point. This doesn’t need to be perfect, just make sure that there is enough room from the top so hat itwont overflow when baking.
Slide the pan and mix into the oven and bake until the mixture has risen, but is not entirely cooked. Test this by piercing one of the cupcakes with a butter knife. If it comes out with mix on it, you are good to go. At this point, reduce the heat to 300 degrees farenheit, and bake until a butterknife pierced through one cupcake comes out clean, and the tops are cooked.
Remove the tray from oven and let it stand for 1 minute, and remove the cupcakes using a small spatula, butterknife, or spoon. Top with frosting if you desire (frosting is made by combining its ingredients thuroughly, and chilling in a freezer until it ‘firms’ up a little bit).
Other tips:
-Replace chocolate whey and cocoa powder with vanilla whey and lemon-flavored sugar free/fat free pudding powder for a lemonbar variation. Remove cinnamon.
-Fill with fresh fruits or light creames for a real dessert.
-Add a tablespoon of ground oats for each cupcake you will be making to make them more filling.
-Add a hint of mint extract, coconut milk, or natural mashed pumpkin for extra delight.

Coconut Chocolat Balls:
24g Protein, 10g Carb, 9g Good Fat per ball
1- mix in blender 1/2 cup water and 6 scoops of chocolat whey adding one scoop at a time until you get a thick chocolat syrup ( I use extreem power whey isolate) .
2- add 2 egg whites and 1/2 cup of oatmeal and blend again.
3- poor the content from the blender into a large bowl.
4- add 120g All Natural Peanut Butter and mix manually.
5- add another 1/2 cup oatmeal and mix manually.
6- Make 10 balls of equal sizes with the resulting mix.
7- Roll the balls into shredded coconut ( I calculated about 25g of coconut for all)
8- Place balls into cooking pan and cook in oven at 325F for 10 minutes, turn them over and cook for another 10 minutes.
This recipie contains only natural, whole foods (with the exception of the protein powder) and tastes AMAZING, you have to try it. I invented it a couple of hours ago and the first batch is incredible, I’ll never have another commercial protein bar ever again.
– 1/2 tsp. cardamom
– 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
– 1/4 cup dates (chopped)
– 1 cup egg whites
– 1 cup fat free milk
– 2 tbs. flax seed (ground)
– 2 tbs. natural peanut butter
– 2 cups rolled oats (toasted)
– 6 scoops protein powder (I used ON chocolate whey)
1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees
2. Coat medium size baking pan with non-stick spray
3. (Optional) – Toast the oats in a dry skillet over medium-high heat until slightly browned & crisp
4. Mix oats, egg whites, and milk together in a large mixing bowl. Add 6 scoops of your favorite protein
powder and mix thoroughly. Add dates, flax seed, and peanut butter, and mix well. Add salt, cinnamon, and cardadmom and mix thoroughly.
5. Pour the batter into baking pan and cook for 30-60 minutes or until you reach the desired moisture level.
(alternatively, you can cook at a higher temperature, around 350, for less time, but I’ve heard conflicting reports on how high heat denatures the protein, I’ll let mine go lower, for longer)
6. Remove from oven and place in refridgerator to cool. Cut into 9 equally sized bars
For 9 Bars, each has approximately:
~ 210 calories
~ 21g carbohydrate
~ 5g fat
~ 3g fiber
~ 23g protein
Enjoy! Tell me what you think!
This came from ABCbodybuilding.com
10 tbsp. natural peanut butter
5 egg whites
5 scoops whey protein (I find that chocolate mint tastes the best in this recipe, however chocolate tastes good as well)
2 cups oats (OPTIONAL: For flavor, I dry cook these on a frying pan until they are toasted)
1/2 cup soy milk
Mix the peanut butter and egg whites in a bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, and mix well (so that the mixture appears smooth). Repeat 4-5 times until all traces of egg whites have dissolved into the peanut butter, and your mixture is a smooth consistent one.
Gradually add the protein (one scoop at a time) and stir into the mixture. Next, add the soy milk and follow with the oats. Continue mixing until a thick ‘sticky’ mixture is present.
Smooth the thick mixture into a 13×9 tray and leave for 20-30 minutes. Cut into 10 equal size bars. Individually wrap each bar (I use aluminum foil) and store in the fridge.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Bar
Calories: 220
Protein: 20.1g
Fat: 10.1g
Carbohydrates: 15.1g

After all that, if you still want to go out and get a protein bar, I’ll put a plug in for my favorite: Power Crunch Bars,

Power Crunch Bars

endorsed by my favorite athlete, Monica Brant.  These suckers have 200 cals, 12-14g fat, 10c and roughly 12-14g protein.  A nice snack and it tastes like a cookie to boot, so it will keep you on track with your diet!
My second (and current new favorite) are Quest Nutrition Bars

Try Quest Protein Bars!
As you can see from the stellar list of ingredients, these are not your typical protein bar which are made with junk soy protein, trans fat (read: partially hydrogenated) and either have high amounts of sugar alcohols or lack fiber.  These have 17g of prebiotic fiber, which supports healthy digestion and the good bacteria in your gut.
What I really like about these guys is that you don’t have to buy a box from them, though you can, you can buy them individually and make your own box!  Who else does that? Not only that, they give you a discount if you sign up for their auto-ship program, and if you eat them as often as I do, that could come in handy.  You can choose when you want them to come, every month, every other month, etc. and which ones AND you’ll save at least 10%  Check them out!

Oh no! My knees went over my toes!

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How often have you heard that statement in regards to exercise? When squatting, lunging or anything else that involves bending the knees “make sure not to let the knees go over the toes.”
This is NONSENSE.  Forget about it, because if that were true, we would not be able to climb stairs!  Alwyn Cosgrove, a man who KNOWS his stuff, wrote this recently about the myth that won’t die:

Have you ever heard someone warn you, “Don’t let your knee pass your foot during lunges?” Well, as you might’ve guessed, it’s a load of crap. What about the other knee? In a lunge, it’s supposedly “too dangerous” for the knee of the front leg to extend past the toes. Meanwhile, the knee of the back leg is past the toes the whole time.

I’ve had people respond to that by saying there’s no load on the back leg during a lunge. Okay then… put 135 pounds on your back and go down to the bottom of a lunge. Now lift your back foot off the floor. I rest my case.
When we look at the science regarding the knees going forward, one study jumps out. Fry, Smith, and Schilling (2003) examined joint kinetics during back squats under two conditions.

The first condition placed a board in front of the participants’ shins, which restricted forward displacement of the knee. In the second condition, movement wasn’t restricted at all. They squatted normally and the knees were allowed to pass the toes.

The researchers found that restricting the forward excursion of the knees during the squat increased anterior lean of the trunk and promoted an increased “internal angle at the knees and ankles.”

The results showed a 22% decrease in knee torque and a 1070% increase in hip torque! That stress has to go somewhere. Keeping the knees behind the toes definitely reduces the forces on the knee, but those forces were transferred more than tenfold to the hips and lower back.

Obviously this study was in regard to squatting. However, the knee angle in a lunge is similar and we could expect similar findings. So, intentionally keeping your knees behind your toes during squats or lunges might be a little better for your knees, but it’s much, much worse for your lower back and hips.
(Alwyn Cosgrove)

And with that….I rest my case.