If you're a flute teacher in Middle Tennessee looking to: 1) Grow or begin your flute studio2) Downsize your flute studio3) Meet other area flute teachers/doublers and band directors, get your name out there for referrals, subbing, masterclasses, clinics, band camps, etc.



If you're a student/parent interested in flute lessons but don't know who teaches in your area and would love to: 1) "Try out" different teachers without committing, and walk away knowing you've got options and/or have found the right match2) Shop for a new instrument but don't know what you need3) Learn how to repair your own instrument4) Are curious about what music schools have to offer when it comes to college


If you are a band director 
1) Looking for flute teachers to teach lessons to your kids, teach sectionals, band camps, etc. but only know one or two
2) Would love a refresher on basic flute repair
3) Aren't exactly sure of the difference in flutes and/or models when it comes time for your kids to upgrade from a student to intermediate model

Then this day is for YOU!

Join us June 29th, 2019 for a day of mini lessons, flute demos, repair, and education. Flute Teacher Day is not only a great way to connect teachers with students but to learn more about your instrument and gain inspiration. 

Flute Teacher Day will be held at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.


Middle School/AM Session
8:00-8:30- Check-in and Registration
8:30 Welcome and teacher introductions
9:00-11:30 Mini Lessons, Flute Trials Exhibits
10:30 Guest Speaker: "What to Look for in a Step-Up Flute" by Flute Specialists
11:30 Lunch Break 

High School/ PM Session
1:00-1:30 Check-in and Registration
1:30 Welcome and teacher introductions
2:00-4:00 Mini Lessons, Flute Trials, Exhibits
2:00 Flute Repair Clinic by Flute Specialists
3:00 Careers in Music by Flute Specialists

On-Site trials of various flutes and piccolos by Flute Specialists of Clawson, MI.  All levels from beginner to professional models will be available to try. They will also be giving workshops on Careers in Music, What to Look for in an Intermediate Model Flute, and leading a repair clinic (limited availability).  All instruments are available for immediate purchase and available to take-home for a one-week trial.  To request something specific and to see inventory: Visit Flute Specialists Website.

You'll be able to tour the beautiful state of the art music building at Trevecca University and learn all about their music program.  There is a loft area with charging ports, practice rooms for the mini-lessons, lobby and lounge areas for parents/teachers/students to hang out and talk, relax, charge phones, etc. while waiting for lessons, meeting teachers or making decisions.

All teachers will have a table/booth area where you may bring whatever materials you like to hand out, sign up students or tell about what you and your studio offer.  Students will be able to sign up for 10-minute mini lessons with different teachers and teachers will rotate in and out of practice rooms for these lessons.

University reps will also have booths/tables to be able to set up to hand out information about their music programs, summer camps, etc